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Why do we warm up?

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Warming up is basically phase one of any form of physical activity on the body. The phase one is where basically you are preparing the body for exercise and what we are simply trying to do is we are trying to elevate the heart rate, so therefore we can increase the blood flow around the body and put some warmth through the muscular tissue, so we can get some better range to prevent rupturing of any muscular or any ligament throughout the body. Now, the benefits to warm-ups are massive when it comes to performance, where as we start the warm up, we go through a process called mitochondria, so as you start the body to exercise, the body releases cells in order to activate the nervous system and fire up the body. As we fire up the body, the body starts to prepare and get itself ready for whatever you are going to do. For example, if you are going to do a run, you need to make sure that your lower body particularly is warm and ready for exercise, not just doing any general movement, just to elevate your heart rate. It's about making sure the joints and the ligaments and the muscles in the area they are going to be used are ready to perform.