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Resistance bands - lower body

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So when it comes to resistance bands, there's multiple movements you can do. Now we are going to focus on some lower body. So the first one we are going to do is the squat, basically your box squat, but using a resistance band. So first of all, you are going to have the anchor point underneath your feet with the resistance band. This is using a basic loop band. Underneath your feet, so it's simulating having a bar on your neck doing a weighted squat. Push your chest out, keep your back straight and keep your hands up on the bands, okay. Up in that nice strong position, okay. Just like you would be if you had a barbell on your shoulders.

Now as soon as you're in that position, okay, you're going to lower the body towards that 90 degree, making sure you've got the weight going down through the heels, you've got your chest nice and proud, and you're keeping your weight backwards and your back straight. Once you get to your 90, you're then going to push against the resistance, back to top. So on the negative, on the way down, on the flexion, okay, what you've got is a resistance band, you're going to have to fight against it, because it's going to want to pull you down. So you're going to have to fight against that. And then when you get to your 90, you're going to have to force against it because the band is going to want to collapse, and it's going to want to shorten. And then what you're going to do, is you're going to fight against it and push back up into that upright position. So you're creating tension on the leg using a resistance band.

Now when it comes to using a resistance band, you don't necessarily have to use it at its full length. What you can do is you can double it over and double the resistance by having two lengths of resistance in that movement, okay. Now remember, you've halved the length of that resistance band, so it's now twice as hard to get it back to its full length. What we are going to do now is a glute kick back. So it's very simple. You place the band round the back of the heel of the right leg. Now as you extend the leg away from behind you, okay, you will get tension in the glutes. Now as you kick it back, the tension is on the glute, and as you bring it in, the hip flexor is going to have to control it on the way in. So push it back with the glute, and then control it on the way back in. Push it back and then all the way back in.