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Kettle bell swing

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Okay, so what we are going to cover now, this is the kettlebell swing. So when it comes to using kettlebells, this is probably one of your number one movements, okay, for using the kettlebell. Alright. Now, first of all, you are going to make sure you got a good contact on the floor, okay, heels dug in, alright, and your toes facing forwards. Remembering that your knees are going to follow your toes, alright. Back straight, chest out and keep your eye line neutral to your neck. Okay, so first of all, you are going to reach down for the kettlebell and you are going to place the kettlebell forwards. As you lift your shoulders up and off the floor, okay, the kettlebell will fall between the leg and then we take it up to 3 o'clock, like so. One, two, okay. From there, okay, we are activating through the glutes to push the hips forwards, and then the kettlebell should finish at that 3 o'clock position in front of the body, like so. One, two, three.