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Weight plate - Raised heel

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Okay, so what I'm going to take you through now, alright, is how to use the weighted plate as a raised platform performing squats, so you can get better depth, okay, by raising the heel, like so.

Okay, so one of the reasons why we would use a raised plate like so, okay, is if you haven't particularly got good flexibility in your ankles, okay, what you can do is raise the heel so you can increase the range in the knee. So you can get the hips deeper, okay, without too much strain on your joints, okay. Let me explain that one again. So from there, raise the heel. Remember, put your toes in the position where you want your knees to go. So turn them outside slightly from your neutral. From there, I'm going to drop down into a nice deep squat, driving my knees out to the side. From there, we're driving my heels down into the ground and extend my body back to that top position, like so.