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Suspension system - Superman crunch

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Okay, so what I am going to take you through now, okay, is a core exercise using the suspension system. But what we are going to do now, we are going to use these slings at the bottom, underneath the handles, to place our feet into, okay. So very simple. What this is going to do, it is going to create the feet in an unstable position, and the core are going to have to engage to keep the body stable. So first of all, just let this strip hang nice and simply, okay. Down into your hands and knees position. From there, hang onto the sling, place one toe in, like so. From there, take your second one. Place that in as well, like so, okay. And then knees to ground. Alright, once you are in that position, all you are simply going to do, okay, is go into a plank position, alright, or a press-up position that acts if your toes were on the floor, okay, like so. From there, you are going to tuck your knees into a crunch position, like so. As you bring your knees in nice and stable, okay, full extension. All the tension is down through the abdominal wall, okay. So you are achieving... Trying to stay as nice and stable as you can, all the way through the movement, like so. These are known as suspension trainer crunches.