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Tricep Press

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Okay, so the third body weighted upper body movement I am going to cover is tricep press. Now, it is very similar to a press-up, but we are going to go from that wide position we were in before into a nice narrow position. And what we are going to do is we are going to tuck the elbows in nice and tight to body, okay. So we are simply relying on the tricep for the extension period. So we let our bodyweight naturally fall towards the floor, and then through the extension period, all the tension is on the tricep down the back of the arm. And that is going to put you back into that upright position. And then you are going to flex the arm again into that decreased position and then back into the extension. So you are getting lots of tension down through the tricep on the back of the arm and we are taking the tension away from the chest and purely onto the tricep. So with the tricep press it is very important that you bring the elbows in tight to body, okay, so the movement is purely controlled through the tricep. Now, when it comes to the extension, you want to make sure that your fingers are facing forwards, okay and you have not got too much tension on your wrist.

Now when it comes to the push, okay, because you are going to... Gravity is going to naturally get you towards the floor. And then the tricep extension is going to push you away from the floor, so that all the tension is down through the tricep. Now, you can do this from a high hip position to make that as hard as you can, okay, or you can drop to the knees and make that far easier because you are putting less weight through the tricep. Just make sure that when you push through, okay, don't lock the arms out, okay. Keep the tension on the tricep all the way down to ground and then back up into that upright position, but do not lock the arms out. Keep the tension off the elbows.