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Medicine ball - Weighted squat

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Okay, so what I'm gonna cover now is the medicine ball. Now, all the medicine ball is is a round object with an element of weight to it that we're gonna perform exercise with. It's as simple as that, okay? So anything that you have that has an element of weight to it... Most of the exercises that I'll show you now can be done with any object as long as it has an element of weight to it, okay? It could be a bag of dog food, okay, or it could be a big bottle of water. No difference. It's just an element of weight, that's what we need for resistance for when exercising. Okay? So the med ball, alright. Basically, nine times out of ten, they've been made out of a nice leather material, it gives a nice element of grip to it and it's nice and firm. It's a nice solid platform that you can work off and work around. So exercises with medicine balls, okay? Like I said before, any exercise that you do with any form of kit, nine times out ten, you can just hold a medicine ball and perform all those exercises as long as it has an element of resistance from an element of weight from it, okay? As simple as that.

So then from there, the first exercise I'm gonna show you, alright, is a very simple weighted squat but what we're gonna do, we're gonna hold the medicine ball on the front of the body like so. Okay then, so first of all, we're gonna load the weight in a bear-hug position on the front of the body. I'm gonna make sure my heels are relaxed and have a good anchor point on the floor, so they're my foundations and they're set up. From there, I'm gonna push my hips back over my knees and the weight on the front of body will act as a counter weight to balance the weight out over my knees like so. Now, the extra weight will put extra resistance onto the leg muscles as we perform the exercise. That is why we put the weight on the front of the body and also you get that counterbalance where it goes back and you have that additional weight on the front of the body so you can balance out like so. That is a medicine ball squat.