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Step - Bulgarian squat

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Okay, so what I'm going to cover now is a lower body exercise, alright, on the exercise step, called a Bulgarian split squat. Okay, so very simply, what we're going to do, we're going to split the legs, we're going to raise the rear foot, okay, which allow a bigger range to take the rear knee down into, which will increase the deficit of the range of motion on the exercise, okay. So, like so. So we're going to raise that rear foot. We're going to make sure that front knee doesn't go over our front toe, okay. If it is doing, then just make sure you set that front foot further forwards, alright. Make sure your feet are shoulder width, keep your back straight, keep your chest facing forward and keep your eye line nice and neutral. Then from there, you're going to drop that rear knee nice and low and create a nice range, okay, through the rear thigh, okay and the front thigh, like so. One, two, three, four, five. Like so.