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Kettle bells

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Okay, so what I'm going to cover now is the kettlebell. There is all sorts of different types of kettlebell out there, but we should take you through a couple. This is just a generic plastic weighted kettlebell. They come in all different sizes normally from a small, and as they get heavier, they will get larger, okay. From personal preference, this is what I prefer. So this is a kettlebell but the competition version. So basically with this is the weight will increase, but the size of a kettlebell will always stay the same. Okay. Just to go through the kettlebell itself, this is known as the body and the bell of the kettlebell. Alright, so this is the bell, and the handle up over the top, okay, is known as the horns. Normally you will hold the handle, okay, or you will embrace the bell and bring it tight to body in any sort of performance movement that you are doing. When it comes to weights, alright, normally they will go up in 2-kilo difference, alright, okay, but a 4-kilo difference is just a nice difference to progress when you start to progress with different movements. Okay, so for example, this is a 12. This is a 16.

With the competition bells as well, the colour of the kettlebell will replicate the weight of the kettlebell, so normally with a competition kettlebell, yellow will identify that that is a 16-kilo weight, normally across the board. When it comes on to generic plastic one, alright, as you can see there, that is 20 kilos, but is a massive difference in size when it comes to the two weights. Alright right now this is going to be a massively affect what movements you can do, alright when it comes to the volume of the actual kettlebell. Alright, and then for the example this one is an 8. Alright, but you do the same movement with both, but your difference is that this is going to be a lot bigger on the movement, alright, so a lot more awkward to hold with the body. But when it comes to competition size as you progress, the size will stay the same, but the weight will increase, so you can just perform this at a better level.