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The importance of hydration

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The biggest thing about hydration is, if you are not hydrated, you cannot perform at the best you can be. Water is the best source to hydrate the body. If your body does not get hydration from water, it will look for other sources. There are water-based foods that we all eat. A cucumber is made of about 80% of water, so when you eat that, the element of water after it has been digested will be absorbed into the body and used to hydrate the body when it is needed. So when the body is running low on it, our body starts to be punished in a way of it cannot perform the best it can be because it has not got that foundation of hydration from water that it needs.

Now, one of the biggest things when it comes to function in the body is our brain. Our brain sits in a sac of water. So when your body starts to run low on water, that water starts to be taken away from the brain and released into the body. When it is released into the body, we then start to touch the outside of the brain against boundaries of the sac, therefore you start to create a headache. That is one of the biggest reasons why you get a headache from being dehydrated. So it is very important that your levels of hydration are at a high standard, to make the body perform at its best.

Digestion is a huge factor. It is lubrication and it basically helps break down the food you have eaten so your body can absorb as much as it can and you can digest foods as easy as you can. Your water that you drink will massively hydrate your body, therefore, if you are dehydrated, your veins will de-restrict. Once they start to collapse, you then restrict the blood flow around the body. In order to keep your blood pressure at a good standard, it reduces the flow through the vein to keep the blood pressure at a good standard. Now what you want to do there is replace that with being hydrated so the volume of blood in the body increases your blood flow around the body, keeping your body at a healthy state. You want your arteries and your veins as big as possible so they can deliver as much goodness around the body as quick as possible.