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Kettle bell repetition and range

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Okay, so when it comes to using the kettle bell, what you have to remember is, it is just a weight, okay. So it has an element of resistance to it, depending on how much it weighs, alright. So when it comes to actually working out, how many reps you should be doing with a weight, for example, alright, like a kettle bell, it all depends what you want to receive from it. So for example, if you want to get stronger in that muscle group, you need to be using as many repetitions as up to five reps. So that's doing as many as... Lifting and pushing as much weight as you can with that muscle, up to a maximum failure of five repetitions. So that's how you work out how much weight to pick. If you want to get stronger, you do not do any more than five reps. When it comes to muscle building and growing muscle in an area, the best range to fall into is 8-12 repetitions, okay. And then when it comes to actually endurance and conditioning work, that is any rep range over 15 repetitions.

Okay, so when it comes to using the kettle bell itself, it's a very simple piece of kit, but needs to be used correctly. Now, what I would advise is you get confident in the movement with a lighter weight first. And as you get confident, then bring in heavier and heavier kettlebells, as you get confident with the movement and your body is conditioned to the weight of the kettle bell. Now, when it comes to actually progressing and getting stronger and more conditioned, we need more tension on the muscles, so therefore we need more weight. And that is why we have a range of weights when it comes to weight training.

Actually using a kettle bell itself is very simple. Just remember all the basics that we have talked about before. So make sure one, you have a good, strong foundation underneath you, okay, because your foundations are what are going to keep you stable. When it comes to actually using a kettle bell, centre of gravity is a big factor as well. So you need to make sure that the weight is as tight to the body as it can be, so you can stay in control of the weight and stay away from causing any sort of harm or injury to your body. When it comes to actually using a kettle bell, make sure that you don't progress too fast when using your weights. Start light and then progress as you get more confident.