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Lower Body Weight Resistance - Glute Bridges

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So the third body weighted movement is the glute bridge that I'm gonna cover. Now this is a lower body movement, and what it does is it contracts the gluteus maximus, that is on the back of the body at the top of the thigh. Now, the glute bridges are a great way in order to develop the glutes. Firstly, what you're gonna do is you're gonna lie down on the floor, you're gonna have your arms down the side of the body, you're gonna walk your feet in to get a nice right angle in the knee, and you're simply gonna push your hips up towards the sky and then push through the glutes all the way and they're gonna help you push the hips as high as you can. And what you're gonna do there, is you're gonna contract the gluteus maximus in the back of the leg. Alright, to push the hips as far through as you can.

Now, a way of making that easier is to simply not push through as far and a way of making that harder is to isolate one glute at a time by purely only using body weight. So what we can do is we can dig the left heel into the floor, lift the right foot off the floor with a full extension of the leg, so you've now got the full weight of the right leg on the left glute now, and you're simply gonna push that left glute, and keep the hip nice and still, and push it as far through the body as you can, straight towards the sky, making sure you've still got contact on the floor with the shoulders, and your left heel is dug into floor. Giving you a nice strong foundation underneath the body.