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Weight plates

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Okay, so what we're gonna take you through now is weighted plates. Now, all these are are just an object with different elements of weight to them, so you can progress with your weight training. Alright, so for example, like a barbell, different weights have different weight to them, so as you progress in, you can add more and more weight onto the bar, so you can keep the tension on the muscles throughout your training. Now when it comes to actually different types of weighted plate, there's a huge range out there. There's cast iron, there's hard rubber, there's soft rubber, hard plastics, but all they are is an element of weight.

Now, normally on a weighted plate, it should identify the weight on the side. Okay, so this one for example, is a five kilo weight, this is a 10 kilo weight, okay, but you will see the difference is the width of the actual plate itself, so this one here is twice the width for this one because this is twice the weight of this plate. Now, the actual size of plate does not always identify how heavier or light it is, alright, 'cause normally each plate should technically be the same size if it's going on to a barbell so that when it's on the floor, the weight can load through the whole element of weights. So for example, if I was to put a smaller plate on here, the 10 would be on the floor, but the seven and a half wouldn't. So that's why it's important, really, if you can, to get your plates the same size, okay, so the weight is always loaded equally on the floor. Alright. And that's why you get bigger five and smaller fives, 'cause these plates are designed so that they are all on the floor when they load on the bar.