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Body Weight Movements

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Body-weighted movements are movements using simply the resistance of the body weight. Now depending on your body composition, it will depend on how much resistance you have. Now if you are overweight, where your body composition is in an obese state, okay, there will be certain movements that you can do and you can't do. Movements that I would progress towards are, if you are in a natural state, squats, press-ups, walkouts, lunges. In all those movements, you can make and progress them and degress them. So for example, a press-up could be from the knee to make it easier, or a press-up could have a raised foot into a decline to make it more of an advanced movement. Therefore, you have got more weight and tension on the front of the body.

Using body weight is a great way in order to do fitness anywhere in the world. Now, depending if you've got a business lifestyle, where you're on the road all the time and you physically can't go to your local gym, body-weighted movements are great to learn because you can do them anywhere in the world at any time and you have got all the kit you will always need. Body-weighted movements are great for elevating the heart rate, burning calories, so you can just make sure you get in your active burn every day. And also keeping tension on the muscles to keep them active and keep the tension on the tissues, so you can stay nice and strong and feel better day-by day.

When it comes to using body weight, we talked about making it easier and making it harder, it is all about just looking what you have. If you've got a chair in the room, then use it as a tricep dip station. Hands on the seat behind you, and then just drop in the hip, loading the foot on the floor and then putting the tension through the tricep. An extension and a flexion. It's as simple as that. Body-weighted resistance is a great thing to be able to do because once you have managed your own body weight, your body will then be in a far better position to progress onto more resistance weight in the future.

You must be able to control your own body weight before you can progress on to expecting your body to work with more weight. Body-weighted resistance is the best way in order to condition your body from anywhere at any point. For example, at home in your garage. Now in your garage, okay, all it is, is just a space that you can perform any movement. For example, your body doesn't know that you're not on the gym floor. It's going through the exercise process and energising the body because you are asking it to perform, therefore it is releasing the calories into the body and you are burning them off. It is as simple as that.