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Now, when it comes to exercise safety, okay, there are multiple different positions that you will put yourself in when you are exercising. So for example, if you are an outdoor runner, you are going to be outdoors. If you are an indoor weight lifter, you are going to be indoors. So there are going to be different types of hazards depending on where you are. Now, for example, if you go out running on a night time and you do not have any high-vis clothing on, you have got traffic, you have got the grounds that you have all got to take into consideration. Now, if you are going out running on an evening, okay, or in the morning when it is dark and there is not much light, then I would highly recommend high-visibility clothing and a running light and a running head torch, just so that other pedestrians and other people can see you coming.

Now, when it comes to inside a building, there are a number of factors we need to take into consideration. Now, inside a building, temperature is a huge thing. If you are cold inside a building, it is going to take you longer to warm up. If you are too hot in a building, there is a possibility you could overheat and have heat exhaustion. So they are all factors that need to be taken into place. Now also, when you are in the gym, the gym floor, you must remember what is around you on the floor. So for example, any weights that are not being used directly by yourself must be stacked away, out of the way, locked away, so you know exactly where they are and they do not become a trip hazard for yourself.

Okay. So another factor for safety in exercise, which is sweat. I do not sweat a lot, but I know numerous people, for example, who have a great hobby of spinning and cycling, and all that sort of stuff, and they are in that typical position where their head is forward and gravity naturally takes sweat from the forehead straight to ground. Now, when it is on the ground on a shiny surface, it is a huge slip hazard. So if you are in a position where you have sweated and any residue has come from you and landed on the floor, please clean it up with a nice dry towel, give it a spray down with some anti-bac and then spray down again.