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Introduction to aerobic steps

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Okay, so what we're going to go through now, okay, is a very simple exercise step, okay. So when it comes to an exercise step, there's lots of different types out there, what they generally cover is just a platform to work on and off of. Multiple platforms out there, all different heights and sizes. Now, this one here is an adjustable one. So for example, if you turn it over, legs on the bottom, they pop off, you can turn them round, okay. And then give yourself a couple more inches on each side, okay, depending how high you want the platform, alright. So first of all, we'll just put that back, okay and then turn it back over. Now when the platform's on the floor, okay, you want to make sure whatever the ground, okay, the platform's on, is level, okay. Because you want your platform at the top to be level as well okay. And you want it nice and sturdy, so when you're jumping on and off of it, alright, it's not going to slip away from you, okay.

Now when it comes to using platforms like this, the actual top grip of this step is actually massively important, okay. Because this here, alright, is the one thing that's going to stop you from slipping over when you're jumping on and off the platform. So this here, has to be made of a nice, maybe ideally like a rubbery material, something that you can get some good friction on, alright. Okay then, so first of all, alright, when it comes to using steps, okay, make sure, alright, that it is a suitable height for whatever exercise you're going to be performing.