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Preventing and recognising injury

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Now, when it comes to preventing injury, the first rule is to always make sure that you are warm before you start any form of functional exercise. You should make sure that the body is at a good temperature, so the blood has been all around the body and got some warmth to all the muscles. As soon as the muscles become warmer, they will have a longer range of movement. Once you have got a better range of movement, you will have a better flexion and a better extension and a range of movement all round. But then once you have warmed it up, you then have to maintain that. If you start to cool down, do not go straight into a high intensity of exercise, make sure you slowly warm the body back up, then start to increase the level of intensity on the body. When we are recognising a injury, when we've been exercising, we have to remember the two types of feelings that we are gonna get when we are exercising.

Now, one of them will be a build of pressure in a muscle from, basically, the swelling from the muscle that the blood has been recruited to that area, because the blood is recruited there to help with the movement of the muscle and deliver all the vitamins, and all the amino acids, and the proteins, and the carbs that the body is recruiting to that area of intense exercise. And that will be a slow, dull, sort of like intense feeling that will get more and more intense as you increase the rep range. Now when it comes to a possible injury, the in feeling will be a instant sharp pain. Now, as soon as you feel that pain, all exercise should stop, okay? You do not want to take yourself into any more progressional overload and making sure that you are not gonna hurt yourself any more than you already have. So everything stops, take yourself away from what you have been doing, and get yourself to a doctor or a professional that can give you a once-over and let you know what has happened.