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Inclined Press

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Okay, so the second upper body movement I am going to cover is inclined press. Now, what inclined press is, is we raise the hips above the shoulder, which brings more weight up and over the body, and then what we do is we come down as like an inverted position down towards the ground and we put the tension through the upper chest and through the deltoids in the shoulders. We bring our range down towards the ground in inflexion, and then from extension, back to that tom position. During the inclined press, the hips are at a high position and the legs are straight, so the hamstrings are slightly under tension but slightly flexed, so not too much strain on the hamstring. So the hips are nice and high and then we come down at an inverted position down through the deltoid major, which is in the shoulder. And then, particularly, lots of strain on the anterior deltoid, which is down the front of the body. And we just basically come down in a press up position towards the ground. Once we get towards the ground, we then reverse the movement back up into our natural state. So we have got tension through the deltoids and then also through the tricep on the extension.