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Gender specific body composition

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Males and females tend to hold weight in different areas, why is that? We all have a minimum requirement of calories that the body needs. Now, once you've eaten the minimum requirement that the body needs, as you start to indulge in more foods and more calorie value, the body then looks somewhere to store those additional calories. Now, those additional calories will be stored around the body. Males and females are slightly different in our anatomy. Males, our fat receptors tend to hang around the abdomen area, so around the waist. A female's fat receptors seem to hang around the hips, the arms and the thighs.

So in order for you to change that, all we need to create is a calorie deficit. So we need to concentrate on the input and know what we are putting into our mouth. Once we know that number, okay, we then control it. We take it down to wherever the number, our minimum requirement of calorie the body needs, and then we introduce a calorie deficit from an active lifestyle. Now, all that has to be is just slightly walking a little bit each day, elevate the heart rate, just burn a little bit more calories each day, and taking control of the calories that have entered the mouth. If you're in control of the calories entering the mouth, therefore you will be definitely in control of your body composition over a long period of time.