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Resistance bands

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Resistance bands are basically a piece of equipment that we can use for bringing tension upon a hinge of a joint. For example, if you were to place a resistance band underneath your foot, and hold on to one end and pull it towards you, you would cause resistance down the bicep head. What we are trying to do there is create tension so we can increase the muscular tension and therefore keep the tissues at a high level of standard.

Now, when it comes to resistance band, the difference between a resistance band and a weight, okay, is that a weight is a weight from the start you pull it all the way through. A resistance band is a progressional weight. The weight will fail to increase the higher you go with the resistance, because the band is extended, so it will increase in resistance, apart from the dumbbell will be the same weight from the start to finish.

So resistance bands come in all different shapes and sizes. Now, technically, when it comes to different colours, different colours should represent different resistances. Now, different companies will have different resistances for different colours. Okay? So not always the black one will be the most resistant.

So when it comes to resistance bands, there is normally a huge range of different types. What you have got to remember is that different materials will have a different resistance, and a different length of band will allow you to do different exercises. For example, you only need a very short band in order to do glute-adductor exercise with a short resistance band around the outside of your thighs. But in order to do an overhead thrust there, you will need a long band that goes underneath the feet and enough to a full extension over top of the head. So you will need an exceptionally long resistance band for that movement, depending on how short or tall you are. What I would recommend is that you have a good quality resistance band, because if that band breaks, it is going to come back at you.