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Lower Body Weight Resistance - Forward Lunge

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So what I'm gonna cover now is a lower body weighted resistance movement known as the forward lunge. Now, the forward lunge is where you're isolating one leg at a time, depending if you're starting right leg or left leg. You can do alternate where you step out with the right foot, back to your neutral, and then step out with your left foot, back to your neutral. But personally, what I like to do is step out on the right foot first, making sure that when you step outwards, your line of travel should still be shoulder-width with your both feet. So for example, if you stand now and go into a narrow position with your feet, you'll be off balance. So when you do the lunge, make sure that your left foot is fixed and you step out with your right foot first. Making sure on the full extension that your front knee is behind your front toe when you drop the back knee towards the ground. If you have a soft matted surface, then I'd recommend touching the ground with your knee, but do not drive the knee into the floor causing pain on the knee.

If you have a hard surface, then I recommend just making sure that you step further in the front with the right foot, and making sure when you bend the left leg that you're getting just the right angle and you know you're getting a depth through the leg, and then back into your natural position. Then, if you're doing alternate movement, out with the left leg and same principle, making sure you're getting that right angle with the right knee, and then back into your neutral position. Now, same principles are when you're performing any movement, make sure your eyes are neutral to your neck, make sure your shoulders are relaxed, make sure your chest is proud and your back is straight every time when you perform that movement. Now, if you want to make that movement harder and you want to increase the range that the knees can go through, what we do is we raise the front foot so that the line of travel on the back knee can increase. What that means is you're increasing the depth that the leg is going into, therefore you're triggering more muscle in that movement.

A way of making that easier is to simply step it out nice and controlled, not too far, just don't go so deep, and then step it back in. But each time, try and increase the range that you drop the back knee. If you increase it over and over again, the muscles will get ripped, will get stronger, therefore over time, eventually you'll be able to perform a full range lunge. But right now, just do enough that triggers muscular activity, and then back into that neutral position. So that's a way of making it easier and then making it more advanced is you simply raise that front foot so you've got more depth to the back knee.