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Suspension systems

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Okay, so what I'm going to take you through now, okay, is a body-weighted suspension system, okay. So there's lots of ways of anchoring these down, first of all, okay. You can put them round a joist overhead, or they will come with an anchor system that simply goes over the top of a doorway and then you close the door, making sure that you are on the opposite side to the way that the doors open. So if the door opens away from you, okay, you bring it in, close the door, lock the door and then you work on the inside of the room, okay. And then you clip your suspension system onto this loop. The suspension system itself purely works off body weight, okay. So simply, the more weight of your body you put through the tension on the system, the more exhausting the movement will be, okay. And I want to explain later how that works.

Okay, massively different ways of adjusting these, alright. So you will see on here, these white marks, alright, identify different ranges that the top loop can attach to, alright. So these stitches here, stop the hook from sliding, alright. So you ideally want the hook as close to the stitch as possible when it's attached to an overhead beam, like so, okay. From there, you will have double hooks, alright, at the bottom, that split off into both handles, okay. Halfway down, okay, you will have like a grip ratchet system, okay. So very simply, you just pull it down, okay, back on itself and make sure that both handles are at the same length. And very simply, this grip system will stop it sliding, alright. And it's really important to make sure that they are nice and tight, okay. From there, okay, one thing to make sure that you have done, is that both handles are at the same length, like so.

Okay, from there, I'm going to explain to you how it works, alright. So what it does, it simply gives you like a floating platform to work from. So first of all, from here, I'm going to do a basic press-up for you. So from there, I'm going to split the elbow, which will allow me to bring my chest down through the centre, alright. And I'm simply going to push my weight down through my hands, elbows back, tension onto my chest muscles. From there, I'm going to push my hands forwards to a full extension and bring my hands round to the front, okay. So that would be a body weighted press-up using the suspension system, like so. Okay, so now, depending on what angle you are at, or depending on how much body weight you will have on the suspension system, okay. So the further you walk forwards, the less weight you will have, okay. And the more the further you walk back, the more body weight you will have over top of your hands, like so. One, two, three, four.