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Diet and Nutrition in Exercise

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Now, when it comes to performance and the body actually functioning at its best, it needs the best fuel. Now, previously we've covered carbohydrates that are basically you line the muscles with glucogen, so the body can simply function better and run on the energy calorie source, therefore it can perform whatever output is needed. Now, when it comes to multiple factors helping the body perform, hydration is a huge factor for the body, preventing cramp and just keeping the body fueled for obviously performance levels. Now, proteins are a huge factor, okay. Because in order for your diet to help you perform better with exercise, you need to recover at the best state.

Now, recovery is a huge factor when it comes to protein. Because the protein are the little building blocks that fix the tissues, okay, while we rest and while we sleep and while we recover, so then when we come round to exercise, we can perform again at the best level that our body can perform at. So that is why it's very important for nutrition and diet to be focused around your body's performing at exercise. Because if your body hasn't got the right fuel, I.e., carbohydrates or hydration from water or the protein, the body will not be able to perform, because then fundamentals aren't there to keep the body going at its best rate.