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Core Exercises- Leg Raises

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Okay, so the first core exercise I'm going to cover today is the leg raise. Now, like I say these are all body weighted movements that anyone can do, as long as your body composition will allow it. Now, when it comes to the leg raise, okay, the position on the floor is very important. Your spine needs to be neutral and your back needs to be straight on the floor. Your hands need to be down the side of the body to stop the body twisting, okay. Your legs need to be straight and your toes needs to be pointed. Now, first of all, we're going to put tension through our lower core and ask the body to lift the leg towards the sky and that will keep tension all the way down through the lower core.

First of all, you're going to point your toes, you're going to breathe, and you're going to relax your abdominal wall. Once you then contract your abdominal wall and put it under tension, you're then going to lift your legs up off the floor, all under tension, under control, making sure we're trying not to trigger the hip flexor. So, this is all under slow and controlled movement. All the way up until you feel that your abdominal wall is no longer under tension and then back down to ground. Now that would be a beginner's position, alright. Now to take it advanced, you bring it under more control and then back to ground, but not resting the foot on the floor. Give yourself six inches and then back to that tom position. So we are keeping that tension on that lower core, all the way through the ranges.

Now, a way to make that easier, is to do your right foot on its own and then your left foot on its own. So a good way to start would be just to be in that relaxed position on the floor, point your right toe, point your left toe, but just lift your right foot on its own. So we're just getting the lower core engaged on the right side, okay. So right foot up, back to ground, left foot up, back to ground. Once you've mastered that, then try to lift both feet at the same time, and then back to ground. Once you have mastered that, you can then bring it back to ground, but give yourself six inches to keep the tension on the lower core all the way through the range, from bottom to top and back to ground.