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Okay, so what we're going to cover now is the kettle bell deadlift. So very simple, you're going to perform a deadlift by using the kettle bell as a resistance, alright. So all the principles that you know from doing a deadlift with a barbell, for example. Keeping the weight tight to body, keeping your heels down, keeping your back straight, keeping your chest out, that all is the same with the kettle bell, like so.

Making sure that your eye line stays neutral to your neck, as you pivot through the hip. And when you press down into the ground with the heel, you've got good contact, and you've not got too much weight on your toes in front of the body. Okay, so make sure as you push your feet through the floor, extend the leg, drive the hips forwards, get a nice straight line, and then back to your bottom position.